Tehran (IP) - The director-general of the National Museum of Iran and the Ambassador of Nicaragua to Tehran exchanged views on the expansion of cultural relations between the two countries in the field of museum development.

Iran PressIran news: Referring to the conclusion of more than 50 memoranda of understanding by the National Museum of Iran with major museums around the world, the Director-General of the National Museum of Iran Jebrael Nokandeh on Wednesday in a meeting with the Ambassador of Nicaragua Isaac Lenin Bravo Jaen in Tehran said that National Museum of Iran is fully prepared for dynamic participation in the network of museums in the world and internationally.

Nokandeh added: "The National Museum of Iran is ready to sign a memorandum of understanding with the National Museum of Nicaragua on joint cooperation between museums, including joint research projects and mutual exhibitions, to pave the way for the development of cultural relations between the two countries."

The Nicaraguan ambassador to Iran also said that the rich history and civilization of Iran is a source of pride for human society.

Cultural projects will strengthen and expand the deep ties and friendship between the two countries, he added.

The National Museum of Iran is somewhat chockfull of priceless relics that represent various eras of the country’s rich history. Its structure was completed in 1928 based on the design by French architect André Godard who was also an archaeologist and historian of French and Middle Eastern Art.


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