Tehran (IP) - President Rouhani said that IRIB with a special privilege is a very extensive medium in the sense that it covers the whole country.

Iran PressIran News: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, in a meeting with the senior managers of the IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting) this Monday evening, referring to the remarks of the directors of the IRIB, added: "The philosophy of this meeting is mainly to thank the IRIB that has been on the scene with all its might since October (corona outbreak) to run the country well. People should have the necessary information and in an expression, it really emerged as a national media.

IRIB has been on the scene since the corona outbreak

Saying that IRIB is a special medium, the President said: "All the press and cyberspace and others who have different podium are active in the field of expression and dissemination, but IRIB has a special privilege in addition to being a very extensive medium and is national in the sense that it covers the whole country. On the other hand, this media is very important for people.

IRIB is a special and extensive medium that covers the whole country

He noted that if people want to use cyberspace for their children, youth, and relatives, they may have different concerns in terms of belief, politics, and morality, but this is not the case in IRIB. In IRIB, people do not have the moral concern to feel that their beliefs are being hit.

Rouhani said: "IRIB is the Islamic establishment's radio and television. When IRIB broadcasts news, the world is heard the news that is accepted by the Islamic Republic. A newspaper or a website wants to speak, even if the news agencies are official, they do not have the status of national media and IRIB."

Corona revealed discredit of anti-Iran Persian-language media 

In another part of his speech, the head of the government said: "The story of Corona was a story that was quite comparable, namely, Iran was comparable to the countries of the region, European, American, African and other countries, and undoubtedly the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the Iranian nation shone in this incident and in this important international issue, and we cannot say that we fell short of other countries. In some places, we have been more successful. In some places, we were similar to other countries.

Referring to the propaganda of anti-Iran Persian-language media against our country in the days of Corona, the President said: "Corona made it clear to our people how invalid these media are. It was important for people to trust the national media and to look at foreign media with skepticism.

The President noted, "Early in the second wave of the corona, the anti-Iran Persian-language media began to promote the issue that this is also the inefficiency of the Iranian system because they had to extend the holiday for another month and start work early. After all those countries faced the second wave, a scandal broke out for those media and their propaganda.        

Rouhani added: " Corona made it clear to our people how unreliable these media are." It was important for people to trust the national media and to look at foreign media with skepticism.

Emphasizing the importance of Corona management, the President said: "Corona showed that the legal structure of our system is a suitable structure for critical events and situations that occur."

Rouhani stated: "These days have shown that the legal structure of the country is a structure that can be effective in a difficult day and solve the problems by its own decision. The second point is that we entered a battle that the country's infrastructure was able to accompany us.

Reminding that the country's medical staff is at the forefront of the fight against Corona, he said: "IRIB and others are all present in this field.

By the end of the year, 10,000 hospital beds will be ready

The President said that this year, despite the sanctions and problems, we will add 10,000 hospital beds by the end of the year, adding: "In addition, we will add 2,000 ICU beds, and this is a huge task. Which country can do this? Now there may be countries that have this possibility economically, but which country is comparable to us that in these circumstances Corona can add 10,000 beds?

"The infrastructure was ready so we could tolerate the virus," Rouhani said. Also, for example, in the water and electricity sector, if our conditions were the same as before, we would not be able to endure this summer, and we would definitely have a blackout. We have added 16,000 MW of electricity in these seven years. This is 16,000 megawatts of electricity, which makes it possible for us to withstand the current conditions.


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