Tehran (IP) - The Tehran University chancellor said that the exchange of professors and students between Iran and Russia has increased significantly in recent years, and such cooperation can find a solution to regional and global challenges, including Coronavirus.

Iran Press/Iran news: On the sideline of the webinar between officials of Iran and Russia universities, Mahmoud Nili, Tehran University chancellor, told Iran Press reporter: "This seminar was to be held in Moscow, which was held as a webinar due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus."

Regarding the future of relations between Iranian and Russian universities, Mahmoud Nili said: "Many research projects are currently being carried out jointly between the universities of the two countries, and holding such seminars will help expand this cooperation in the future."

Tehran University chancellor expressed hope that cooperation between Iranian and Russian universities will help find a solution to the challenges of the two countries and the world, including the Coronavirus.

Nili also said that there is now a proper system and structure for expanding cooperation between the two countries' universities.


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