Foreign Ministry spokesman denied speculations about a 25-year plan for cooperation between Iran and China, saying the document has different dimensions on political and especially economic cooperation, and it is in the interests of both countries.

Iran Press/Iran News: In response to a question about the draft plan for 25-year cooperation between Iran and China, which was recently approved by the cabinet and Foreign Minister Zarif was tasked with following it up, the Foreign Ministry spokesman said: "This is a new issue. During the Chinese president's visit to Iran, it was agreed that cooperation between the two countries is comprehensive and strategic, and a document was signed." 

"One of the clauses of the document stated that the two countries should have a comprehensive strategic document for their cooperation in all fields. During Zarif's visit to China last year, the draft of the document was notified to the Chinese authorities, and the review was carried out several times, and recently the draft was approved inside the country," Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi said. 

Foreign Ministry to clarify all aspects of the cooperation plan 

He added: "We still want clarification of all aspects of this issue. I urge the Romanian government and relevant authorities to inform us as soon as possible."

Mousavi added: I reject all speculations in this regard. None of the facts mentioned in the media and by individuals are true. Based on the strategic view, we are trying to define the long-term relationship with friendly and close countries, and we are ready to sign such documents with other countries that have friendly and good relations with us based on respect and mutual interests, and we are negotiating with some.

Strategic Iran-China relation have enemies who trying to destroy it

The spokesman said: "I feel it is a document that can be published in full in the future. The various dimensions of political and especially economic cooperation are in this document, and if it is finalized in the governments of the two countries, it can be published and nothing is ambiguous. Strategic cooperation between Iran and China have enemies who make machination and are trying to destroy these relations.

US-EU relations and its impact on Iran's arms embargo

In response to a question about the extension of Iran's arms embargo, Mousavi said: "The type of interaction between Europe and the United States has nothing to do with us and we are not willing to give up our rights."

" In the consultations, we had with other members of the Security Council, are all against US claims and have condemned it.

"We anticipate another failure for the United States in this regard," the spokesman said, noting that we recommend that once bitten, twice shy.

Mousavi about the use of the trigger mechanism by the US said: "Two or three special measures have been planned that will be decided according to the circumstances. I think there would be no need to restore these measures, and I hope that there is so much wisdom that the US not take steps in this regard. US action will not succeed at this point.

Ex-Judge case ambiguous; Romania doesn't clarify yet

Seyyed Abbas Mousavi about fugitive ex-Judge Mansouri said: "The issue has ambiguities. Despite requests, the Romanian government has not yet made the clarification. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Iranian Embassy, ??the Judiciary, and the Interpol are following up on this issue, and we ask Romania to officially and in writing inform Iran of any incident. So far, we have not received anything just the media reports.

Iran-Venezuela fuel shipment was a normal trade

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi said about Iran's relations with Venezuela, said: "These relations are formal, normal and have nothing to do with other countries and the interests of other countries. Our relations are ordinary relations among two independent countries that will continue according to our ties. In our view, this was not a strange thing, and it was a normal trade between Iran and one country in another part of the world.

Iran does not intervene in US domestic affairs

The Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman said that Iran does not seek intervention in the national affairs of either the US or any other country.

Mousavi about Iran's stance to the result of the next US presidential election said that the US domestic affairs have nothing to do with Iran. 

Mousavi noted that Iran never minds of what is going on between the US authorities and what decision they make for their destiny, noting that any government takes office in the US, Iran will set its behavior based on the new conditions. 

Yet he emphasized the US developments from human rights and Islamic point of view and remarked the very US that shows off as a human rights advocate, systematically violates human rights including the treatment with black people and racism.

Europe, safe heaven for terrorist groups: Spokesman

Also, Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman warned the European countries over sheltering terrorist groups acting against Iranian and other people worldwide.

He highlighted the "US-Style Human Rights" week (26 June to 2 July) and recalled terrorist acts done in the week, which have not stopped yet.

Elsewhere, Mousavi referred to the sanctions imposed on Iran and noted that all of Iran's advances were due to the sanctions the UN Security Council, US, and Europe imposed on Iran. 

"Continuing Iran’s arms embargo sanction is against Resolution No. 2231, and in case it goes on, it will bring consequences that they must face," he added.

Still, he referred to the latest movements in Iraq and said that Iran does not interfere in Iraq’s internal affairs, stating that Iraq’s nation and the government will take the best action and create stability and security in their country.


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