Gunmen set off an explosion at the entrance of one of Kabul's busiest hospitals on Tuesday before storming the building, which includes a maternity ward, killing 15, including two newborns.

Iran PressAsia: The attackers battled for hours with Afghan security forces and, according to the Interior Minister, the rest of the slain were nurses and mothers. Some 15 others were injured. The hospital is one of the busiest in western Kabul and houses a maternity ward run by Doctors Without Borders.

Afghan commandos rescued at least 80 children and their mothers as fighting swept through the hospital, which hosts a mother-and-baby unit supported by the aid agency Doctors without Borders.

Some people remained trapped in the hospital and several doctors had leaped to an adjacent building after at least three attackers wearing police uniforms entered, throwing grenades and shooting, government officials said.

Afghan commandos rescued at least 80 children and their mothers

The neighborhood is home to many members of Afghanistan’s Hazara community, a mostly Shia Muslim minority that has been attacked by the ISIS group in the past, including at a Kabul ceremony commemorating the death of one of its leaders in March.

The attacker neutralized by Afghan security forces. The Taliban denied responsibility for the attack. 


Several bloody attacks in the capital in recent months have been claimed by ISIS.

Also on Tuesday, 50 people were killed and 60 other wounded in an attack at the funeral of a police commander in the eastern province of Nangarhar, according to Attaullah Khogyani, a spokesman for the provincial government.

The attacks come as the coronavirus is spreading rapidly across Afghanistan, threatening to overwhelm the impoverished country’s medical facilities.


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