Tehran (IP) - Iranian President asked Americans to stop conspiring against the Iranian nation.

Iran Press/Iran News: Felicitating the Persian Gulf Day to the Iranian nation,  Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said, "I congratulate this day to the people, from whom the name of this gulf comes from, and will remain the Persian Gulf forever. Let the enemies know that the Army, the IRGC, and all Iranian law enforcement and military forces have been –and will be- the guardians of this waterway.”

"The Americans should know that the name of this gulf is "The Persian Gulf" and not the Gulf of New York and Washington, and this nation has been –and is- the guardian of the security of this waterway for thousands of years and they should not conspire against this nation every day,”  he noted while speaking at a cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

Appreciating the agreement of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei with the request for the release of Justice Shares, the President emphasized that in these difficult circumstances, we can take action to update people's assets and make people's property transparent and return the authority to the owners, which will be valuable and great.

The President also said that this year has been a difficult year for the people, and Corona has been creating problems for both health and employment, while our dear workers in the workshops that were active, tried their best to meet the needs of the country.

President Rouhani also stated efforts have been made to protect the health of the people these days and to meet the needs of the people in the market. I tell people that because the end of the Coronavirus is unknown, we must prepare ourselves for work, science, research, and hope for society. 

He further noted, “No one can predict when the corona epidemic will end. Therefore, people must follow all medical instructions. No vaccines have been discovered for Corona yet, so we need to be careful.”

Referring to Labor Day, he said, "I congratulate all workers, farmers, doctors, and nurses on this day. We are in a situation where it is impossible to provide some materials if we do not stand on our own feet.”

The president added, "These days, when I had telephone conversations with many heads of states, they have all paid attention to a few points, all of them thanked Iran for doing a very strong cohesive work to combat the virus." 

President Rouhani further noted, "Today, we are able to export even the antibody detection kits, and some leaders of the countries ask us to export these kits. This is our honor. This is the honor of all of those who conduct researches in these fields.


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