Tehran (IP) - Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman referred to the change in the relations between Iran, UAE and Saudi Arabia after the outbreak of Coronavirus and said: “Contacts have led to the rationality of behavior in the Corona crisis, and these countries have sent aid to Iran, and Iran has appreciated it.”

Iran PressIran News: “About the citizens of the two countries of Iran and the UAE and some other countries such as Bahrain, some interactions have been made and are continuing, and the authorities are in contact with each other,” Mousavi added in Monday’s News Conference.

The senior diplomat about Iran's regional initiatives in the new Iranian year said: "Iran and the countries of the region, especially our northern and western neighbors, have different mechanisms to align our views which there have been policies between Iran, Russia, and Azerbaijan, as well as Iran, Russia, and Turkey and Iran, Turkey and Azerbaijan for many years.

He said: we would have witnessed the summit of the three countries in Tehran before the corona crisis, and the President of Azerbaijan was scheduled to visit Iran, which was postponed due to the corona outbreak. Diplomacy continues, and consultations continue through embassies and telephone exchanges between foreign ministers and God willing, these initiatives will be pursued after the current era.

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi said that Iran always had good relations with Afghanistan and a secure and strong Afghanistan is Tehran’s wish.

During his video conference, Abbas Mousavi clarified the relations between Iran and Afghanistan and some news about the expelling of two Iranian diplomats from Kabul and two Afghan diplomats from Tehran saying, "We have always had good relations with the government and people of Afghanistan. We are neighbors who must live together and respect each other's security. A secure and strong Afghanistan is Iran's wish. We are worried and sorry about the political differences in this country.”

Mousavi said that we want national unity among the groups and the government of Afghanistan, as well as strengthening the relations between the two countries. With this approach, we held consultations with all parties, both with Ghani and Abdullah, as well as with other influential groups. We will use our full capacity and continue our efforts to get out of this situation.

He added, "The increase and decrease of diplomats is a norm among diplomats. With the coordination of the two countries, the number of diplomats increases or decreases. I do not approve of these interpretations.”


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