The second day of violence saw thousands of people pour into Beirut to demand an end to government corruption.

Iran PressMiddle East: The violence which led to dozens of injuries comes on the eve of a meeting between the president and parliamentary blocs in which resigned Prime Minister Saad Hariri is widely expected to be renamed to the post. The tension also reflects deepening divisions in the country that is grappling with severe liquidity and foreign currency crunch. 

According to Al Jazeera, security forces fired tear gas and threw stones at protesters who had gathered outside Beirut’s Nejmeh Square, where Parliament is located, and which has been closed off to the public since the outbreak of nationwide protests 60 days ago. 

Saad Hariri resigned on 29 October amid nationwide protests. The protesters have accused the entire political elite of corruption and mismanagement amid Lebanon’s worst economic crisis in decades. The protesters say they won’t accept Hariri as prime minister, demanding an independent head of government not affiliated with existing political parties.

After weeks of bickering, the political parties failed to put forward independent names, most of them insisting on keeping their political share in the government.

On Friday 13th December Secretary-General of Hezbollah movement Hassan Nasrallah said that the party would keep pushing for a coalition government which goes against Hariri's plans to form a cabinet of technocrats. Negotiations between parliamentary blocs are planned for Monday.

Protesters demanding an overhaul of the country's political systems want the formation of a new government that is not affiliated with established parties.

The Lebanese people have been holding demonstrations since 17 October, protesting against poor economic conditions, the rising cost of living, and high unemployment.

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