Many civilians along with police officers; killed or wounded in separate Ghazni car bombing and roadside bomb explosion in Ghazni province of Afghanistan.

Iran Press/Asia:  A suicide car bomb explosion and a roadside bomb blast killed or wounded 40 people including many civilians.

Officials in Ghazni Police Headquarters said a suicide bomber detonated a car packed with explosives close to a compound of uprising forces, reported Iran Press citing the Khaama Press News agency.

The officials further added that blast took place in Aab Band district.

Furthermore, the officials said the blast killed 4 public uprising forces and wounded 10 others. The blast also wounded 20 civilians.

Meanwhile, the Provincial Government’s Media Office in a statement said a roadside bomb explosion killed 3 civilians in 3rd district of Ghazni city.

The statement further added that the blast also wounded 3 other civilians. The bomb went off close to Salt Company at around 8:35 am local time.

The Taliban terrorist outfit claimed responsibility for the car bomb attack in Aab Band district. However, It has not commented regarding the roadside bomb explosion so far.


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