The Israeli tanks crossing the Golan Heights\' DMZ

The Israeli Forces crossed the Golan Heights’ demilitarized zone on Thursday to head for a Syrian border town.

Iran press/Middle East: The Zionist Regime forces crossed the Golan Heights’ demilitarized zone on Thursday, making their way towards a Syrian border town.

According to Sputnik Arabic, the Israeli tanks crossed the demilitarized zone that was established by the UN in 1974 and made their way towards the Al-Quneitra Governorate town of Jabatha Al-Khashab.

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A Sputnik correspondent that was near the demilitarized zone said that the Israeli tanks crossing into this area was a common occurrence when the Takfiri terrorists of Jabhat Al-Nusra outfits that controlled the town of Jabatha Al-Khashab and several other towns in Al-Quneitra.

In return the Syrian Army retaliated to breaches of the demilitarized zone agreement by Al-Nusra Front, destroying a number of their sites in outskirts of al-Habit, Karsaa, Tarmala and Sarja in Idlib southern countryside.

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On Wednesday, the army destroyed vehicles and dens of Al-Nusra terrorists in the town of Kafr Sajna and al-Bara village in Idlib southern countryside in retaliation to their frequent breaches of the demilitarized zone agreement.213/203


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