President of Turkey's Patriotic Party has stressed that US withdrawal from Syria in the coming days is the result of the unity among Iran, Russia, Turkey, Iraq and Syria.

Turkish newspaper ‘Ayd?nl?k’ quoted head of Turkey's Patriotic Party, Do?u Perinçek as saying:  "The US and Israel in cooperation with some terrorist groups and certain regional governments attempted to increase penetration and to implement their projects.  But fortunately they were defeated".

Perincek added:  "The continuation of Turkey's firm struggle against US-backed terrorist groups and the convergence of Southwest Asia has weakened Washington in the region. The US government decision to withdraw from Syria is the result of the cooperation among Southwest Asia countries, which, by forming a powerful axis, foiled all plots designed by US, Israel, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt".

Last week, US President Donald Trump surprisingly announced the imminent withdrawal of American military forces from Syria.