Tehran(IP)- The Government Spokesman said that in order to further develop and grow the economy, it was decided to create and develop new markets.

Iran PressIran News: With the aim of bolstering political and economic ties, Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi went on a three-country tour of South America.

The president departed Tehran in early Monday, June  2023, to visit Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua.

In response to Iran Press, Ali Bahadori Jahormi stated: During Ebrahim Raisi's trip to Latin America in energy, oil, scientific and technological cooperation sectors, technical services and knowledge-based products, various good agreements were signed, for example, the construction of offshore refineries, one of which was launched in Venezuela.

He further added: During this trip, Iran agreed to build extra-territorial petro-refineries, through which technical engineering services and knowledge-based products will be exported.

Bahadori Jahormi stated: About 2,800,000 types of equipment have been purchased from Iranian manufacturers and exported to these countries, which helps to strengthen and grow economic activities as much as possible.

He stated: According to the agreements, Iran was supposed to provide technical, engineering, and technological services to these countries. In fact, Iran exports its technical and engineering services and knowledge bases to these countries.

Gov't. Spox.: Iran on right track of constant development

Pointing to the signs of Iran's constant development, Jahromi stated that economic growth of this current Iranian year(starting on March 21) by 4 %, the upward trend of gross domestic product, housing growth by 8.7%, growth in gross fixed capital by 6.7%, goods exports by 3% increase, positive growth in agriculture and construction, record-breaking oil sales with 10% despite the imposed sanctions and 15% growth in the machinery sector are the signs of the constant development.

"Production and import of vaccines within 80 days during the Covid-19 pandemic, the priority of neighborliness diplomacy and participation in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Turkmenistan gas swap deal, and the 43% growth of economic interaction with 15 neighboring countries with a figure of $ 58 billion," referred by the Iranian official as the fulfillment of the promises in Raisi's administration. 

The spokesman called for the removal of granting special privileges to certain individuals and bodies, facilitating the issuance of business licenses, financial transparency, and system-centeredness of some medical services such as electronic prescriptions as signs of the administration's serious determination to fight corruption.

Referring to the financial resources released from Iraq, he pointed to the foreign exchange resources and reserves and said foreign trade with $ 112 billion proves the availability of foreign exchange resources.

The Iranian official elsewhere said that the teacher rating law, the share of education and training in the budget has increased to 14 percent, which has increased by 5 percent compared to the past, and the 43 percent increase in average teachers' incomes shows the impact of the rating law.


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