Cairo (IP) - Iranian Minister of Petroleum told the 24th Ministerial Meeting of Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) in Cairo, Egypt, that imposition of sanctions on producers of oil and gas could bring about irreparable damage to the global economy.

Iran PressAfrica: "The development of the global gas industry and the realization of the security of supply and demand of natural gas in the world markets require global peace and de-politicization of energy trade. In this context, the imposition of any unilateral or multilateral sanctions on every member of the Forum is assumed, in our view, as a political action, in contradiction with the principles and standards of international law and against economic rationality," Javad Owji said on Tuesday.

"It is worth mentioning that the victims of jeopardizing energy security are ordinary people, particularly in developing countries. The fact is that despite the unilateral and cruel sanctions of the United States while relying on domestic potential and the development of foreign markets, Iran has managed to achieve significant progress," he added.

"In addition to playing a role in providing and maintaining the world's energy security, natural gas may help to promote sustainable energy systems with less carbon emissions and improve the conditions dominating the climate changes of our planet. Natural gas may also contribute to the achievement of the seventh goal of sustainable development approved by the United Nations," Owji told the 24th Ministerial Meeting of Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) in Cairo, Egypt.

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"Regarding the strategic position of the GECF member countries and their share of almost 50% in the global gas and LNG export portfolio, it is pretty essential to strengthen the potentials, capabilities and required arrangements of the Forum. Improving synergy and collective coordination will secure the interests of all members and ensure the security of global natural gas supply," he stressed.

"I would like to emphasize that improving the position of the Forum in the global gas markets and playing a more effective role in ensuring the world's energy security is an inevitable necessity for the growth and development of developing countries. Hence, it is my suggestion that common thoughts and cooperation of all members of the Forum be improved at "strategic, managerial and technical" levels. In my view, the exchange of successful experiences among member countries at the mentioned levels is of significant importance," the Iranian Minister of Petroleum noted.

He also voiced Iran's readiness to play a prominent role in the framework of the special initiative of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, entitled "Natural gas at the disposal of the global economy in the post-corona era" which was proposed at the sixth GECF Summit in Doha, Qatar.

As one of the world’s largest holders of proven natural gas reserves and one of the largest owners of domestic natural gas distribution networks in the world, the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready for whatever cooperation in various fields: natural gas exploration, drilling, development, exploitation and distribution, Owji concluded.


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