A regular meeting of the UN Security Council was held on Tuesday to review the twelfth report of the UN Secretary-General on the implementation of Resolution 2231 on the Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA).

Iran PressAmerica: This is the first meeting of the UN Security Council since the start of a new round of talks (December 9) in Vienna, Austria. 

In his twelfth report on the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 2231, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres welcomed the Vienna talks and stressed the need to lift unilateral US nuclear sanctions against Iran and provide the means for Iran to enjoy economic benefits of the JCPOA.

In this report, Guterres, referring to the difficulties of recent years on the issue of JCPOA, continues to mention the JCPOA deal as the best option for resolving the Iranian nuclear issue and multilateral diplomacy.

In his report on diplomatic activities in the form of talks held from April to June, as well as recent meetings of the Joint Commission to help all parties to meet their commitments in accordance with the JCPOA, the Secretary-General welcomed the request for close and effective cooperation.

The UN Secretary-General also stressed the need to speed up these activities and avoid delays in the negotiation process.

Joe Biden's government claims that it intends to pave the way for its country to return to the nuclear deal through talks in the Austrian capital, Vienna.

Iran does not trust the other side in the ongoing negotiations in Vienna due to repeated violations by the United States and the three European countries in implementing the provisions of the 2015 nuclear agreement; also, Iran demands guarantees and practical steps over lifting oppressive sanctions and no more violation of commitments by the West. 219