Zabol(IP): The historical and ancient mountain called " Mount Khwajeh ", the only high natural phenomenon of the region or Sistan plain in Sistan and Baluchestan province, southeast of Iran is located 30 km south of Zabol city.

Iran Press/Iran news: The ancient Mount Khwajeh is located next to Hamoon Lake and when this lake is full of water, it is seen as an island in the waters of Hamoon Lake.

Mount Khwajeh is the largest adobe architecture and one of the most important works of the Parthian, Sassanid, and Islamic periods (ancient Iran), and has been important among the three ancient religions including Islam, Christianity, and Zoroastrianism.

Mount Khwajeh takes its name from the tomb of Khajeh Mehdi, a friend of the Alavi family whose tomb is located on top of this mountain.

Alavi is an attribute denoting or related to Imam Ali (AS), the first Infallible Shia Imam. As a proper name, it is used by individuals, dynasties, places, and religious sects and organizations that are identified as being either descendants or followers of Imam Ali (AS).

The architecture used in some of the buildings of Mount Khwajeh (palace, fire temple, shrine of Khajeh Mehdi, and the cemetery) is similar to the style of the Greek era, and ornaments for the architecture of this building, including a small lotus flower are adapted from Achaemenid art.


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Photo: khajeh kuh a fresh-looking Island in Sistan-Baluchistan Province