Tehran (IP) - Iranian Deputy Interior Minister said according to reports, more than 85% of the Iranians have observed health protocols and COVID-19 restrictions.

Iran PressIran News: Following the 47th session of the National Task Force for Combating Coronavirus headquarters, Deputy Interior Minister for Security and Police Affairs Hossein Zolfaghari told reporters on Monday that traffic and transport have been decreased by 39% since the beginning of the implementation of the smart restrictions plan.

Zolfaghari added that 44 people with positive tests in rail transport and 4 in air transport had been prevented from travel in the past two days.

He said: "We owe this measure to the intelligent system of identifying asymptomatic carriers of COVID‐19."

Zolfaghari added that since the beginning of the smart restrictions' implementation, more than 11,000 cars were given a ticket in the amount of one million, five hundred thousand, two hundred thousand tomans, and more than two hundred and thirty thousand cars have been warned.

Zolfaghari stated that the police officers had prevented 93,000 vehicles from continuing their route, and a text message had been sent to 100,000 offending drivers.

Deputy Interior Minister for Security and Police Affairs said: "During the recent smart restrictions, red, orange, and yellow cities are being carefully monitored, and we hope that in the two weeks that these restrictions will be implemented, cities will be in better conditions in terms of the coronavirus outbreak."


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