Ghanaian political advocate:

Accra (IP) - The president of Zango democrats Ghana, Center for Political Advocacy and Education, Hussain Mubarak Zachariah has criticized the West and international bodies of “double standards” and hypocrisy, especially when the West and the international bodies claim to be standing for an international rules-based order or any form of moral or political values.

Iran PressAfrica: In an exclusive interview with the Iranpress agency in Accra, Zachariah expressed his regret that the so-called bodies of international rights and standards adopted a passive stance on the Israeli regime in reaction to the regime’s recent attack on Iran’s diplomatic premises in Damascus Syria, saying:

There are a lot of double standards happening in the international community and that is to say, one person will do something that you would see its allies, the international bodies coming to support what the state actor did, and another state actor will do the same thing by the international community and then you will see those same allies of the former state actor come in to condemn what the second state actor did.

For instance, Israel came up clearly and said that they were retaliating to what the people of Gaza did to them on October 7th, and the United States came out clearly and supported them, and now the same also applied to what Israel did to the embassy of Iran on Damascus Syria. 

According to Article 51 of the UN charter, Iran also has the right to defend itself, but due to the double standards in the international community, you would see that the United States is condemning Iran for coming up to defend itself. Because the embassy of Iran in Syria according to international laws is considered to be a premise of Iran, so attacking the embassy means they attack Iran itself, if Israel attacked the embassy of Iran in Syria it means Israel initiated the attack on Iran in Syria, so America came up and stood clearly hypocritical and then supported what Israel did and even told Iran not to retaliate.

Meanwhile, article 51 of the UN charter gives every nation or even individual the right to defend themselves when they are attacked, so Israel initiated the attack on Iran and according to the UN charter, Iran has every right to defend itself.

Hussein Zachariah stated that the Iranian retaliatory strike against Israel is legitimate, legal, and under international law and the UN charter.

What Iran did was not an initiation of attack on Israel, if we say so then we are hypocritical in the issue of politics in the international community, but what Iran did was a retaliatory attack to what Israel meted on them. If we are supposed to be fair and also promote justice in the international community then we are supposed to tell Israel rather to desist from what they are doing, to stop the genocide they are committing in Gaza and they are supposed to be charged for that, especially the prime minister of Israel, for killing vulnerable women and children who don’t have anything to harm you with.

But because of the hypocritical nature of international politics, you will find out that people supporting Israel like the United States are the same people coming out condemning Iran, such hypocrisy exercised by Israel and its Allies is too much that the world needs to come together to support the truth and support justice.”

According to Hussein, there is no way history and posterity would not judge Netanyahu and anybody supporting Israel and the Israeli regime.“What we are telling the world is that posterity will judge anybody supporting injustice, anybody supporting the genocide Israel is committing in Gaza and posterity will judge anybody that supports Israel and condemns Iran, because this attack Iran did on Israel is not an initiated attack by Iran but rather it is a retaliatory attack, it was Israel that started the attack on Iran.”


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