Tehran(IP)- The Iranian President called the US armed forces, the most hated in the world.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking at the graduation ceremony of Iran's cadets of the Police academy on Monday morning, Ebrahim Raisi said: "The US armed forces are the most hated in the world."

He further stated: "Today, the oppressed nation of Palestine has become the problem of the world of humanity. Today, the world hates the Zionist regime whole heartedly."

President further stressed the role of local universities: "The local university is for recognizing new threats and finding solutions to deal with threats, and the police academy and universities of the armed forces have this important mission to know well the vulnerabilities and know the exact ways out of them in order to improve the security of the country."

Raisi further stressed: "Our armed forces are with the people today and shielded themselves so that the people are not harmed."

Addressing the Iranian police cadets he said: "You have an important role in dealing with organized crime. In carrying out this mission, the result of which is social peace, there are three important principles: 1) resourcefulness and rationality, 2) kindness, and 3) authority." 

"Today, we consider strengthening the armed forces as a duty. Strengthening the defense base is very important and the government considers itself responsible for it."

"There are three elements for national authority; defense strength, economic stability, and cultural ability," President added.

"Our people are at peace despite all the threats, and this is due to the services of the armed forces," noted Raisi.

He stated elsewhere: "The enemy has decided to sabotage and create sedition with sanctions and threats, but the people of Iran want the path of progress, and the resolution of the Iranian nation has won and will win in this war. We have no doubt that in this war of wills, they have won in different fields in the last 45 years."

"We were successful in confronting the enemies in all fields and the whole world witnessed it. The enemy wanted  to do it and could not, and we wanted it and we could do it."


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