(IP)- Indian Navy's INS Trikand warship docked in Bandar Abbas, a port city on the southern coast of Iran.

Iran PressIran news: Indian warship was officially welcomed on Thursday at the 1st Imamat Zone of Iran's Army Navy.  

INS Trikand, with advanced technologies that make it stealthy, fast, and formidable, is part of the Indian Navy's Western Fleet that operates under the Western Naval Command headquartered in Mumbai.

INS Trikand (F51) is a Talwar-class frigate of the Indian Navy.  

At the end of the 4-day stay of the Indian warship in Bandar Abbas, the military vessels of the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy and the Indian warship will exchange military and operational experiences by conducting drills at sea.   

In the welcoming ceremony for the Indian warship, Admiral Farhad Fattahi, deputy of the 1st Imamat Zone, stated that the presence of the Indian Navy's warship in Bandar Abbas would lead to the development of relations and military cooperation between the two countries.

Admiral Fattahi referred to these port visits as common among naval forces, which promote military cooperation between countries.

He announced that the Indian warship would meet with Iranian military officials, conduct training workshops to exchange military experiences, and visit naval units of Iran during its stay in Bandar Abbas.


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