Mar 15, 2019 17:32 Asia/Tehran
  • Holding Brussels conference on Syria is strange: Damascus

Syria finds it strange holding Brussels conference on Syria and absenting the main party concerned first and foremost with the Syrian affair, a source at Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said Friday.

Iran Press/Middle East: The source added that this behavior, conducted by the European Union, proves its involvement in and complete responsibility for the unjust war on Syria and the suffering of the Syrian people, particularly through the unilateral illegitimate sanctions that target the citizens and exert pressure on their livelihood, an act that makes the EU lose credibility when talking about helping the Syrians and alleviating their suffering.

“It is quite ironic and outrageous the hypocrisy of speeches of some states participating in the conference where they are shedding tears on the Syrian people while they are in the first place are in charge for shedding their blood through the limitless support to the terrorist groups and the war of its multiple forms not to mention the economic one,” the source went on saying, SANA News Agency reported.

The Syrian Arab Republic strongly condemns this deliberate and systematic politicization of the humanitarian affair and the attempts to exploit it in conferences for continuing to make pressure on Syria, complicate the crisis and prolong it, the source added. 105


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