Mar 22, 2019 09:50 Asia/Tehran

Friday 15th of Rajab of 1440 AH on March 22, is the anniversary of Hazrat Zeinab (sa).

Iran Press/Iran news: Hazrat Zeinab (sa) is the granddaughter of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and the daughter of Hazrat Fatima (sa) and Imam Ali (AS), the first Imam of the Shias of the world.

Lady Zeinab represents a multi-dimensional personality: she is wise and well-educated with great knowledge; a distinguished person; anyone who meets her, feels humble before the greatness of her wise soul and her insight, Iran Press reported.

Lady Zeinab has interwoven a woman’s enthusiastic affection with a believer’s greatness, stability, and sedateness of heart; and the clear, articulate language of a fighter, (Mujahed) on the path of God, and limpid insight that pours out of her mouth and heart astonishes listeners and spectators.

She teaches and educates the people; at the same time, she, like a kind mother, soothes the Imam of her time--Imam Sajjad (as); at the same time, like a strong barrier in the midst of that severe storm, she creates security and tranquillity for the children of her brother--the children of Hussein (as), who was lost in that tragedy.

Hence, Lady Zeinab (sa) represents an all-embracing personality. Islam leads women towards this direction. The woman, with her feminine qualities--which the Almighty God has blessed her with--particular to women along with deep faith, along with steadiness due to reliance on the Lord, and with chastity, that illuminates the area around her, can play an exceptional role in society; no man is able to play such a role.

Humans can be raised in such a supportive embrace. If a woman with such amazing qualities did not exist, humanity would have no meaning. This is the true sense of value and merit in a woman: something that a prejudiced Western mentality is unable to understand.

Those who have not known the slightest degree of religion or spirituality can never comprehend such greatness in a woman.

Those who identify women as ornaments with makeup, as ignorant, and as toys for men's play, can by no means comprehend the basis of a woman's identity within the logic and viewpoint of Islam. 103/213

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