Feb 13, 2019 14:25 Asia/Tehran

Iran President said that our nation in Feb. 11 demonstrations proved that US’ conspiracies cannot affect our people’s resolve.

Iran Press/Iran news: Speaking on Wednesday in a cabinet session, President Hassan Rouhani appreciated people’s immense attendance at the demonstrations celebrating the 40th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, saying, “We have to thank the vigilant, understanding people of our dear Iran for doing their best in this year’s February 11 demonstrations."

Rouhani added, “With their presence, people conveyed the message to the world that they approve what this nation did for national sovereignty 40 years ago," Iran Press reported.

The Iranian nation never wants to give up people’s governance to foreign aggressors, he continued.

The Iranian nation never wants to give up people’s governance to foreign aggressors, Rouhani added.

The President also said that the greatest truth was that the people decided that they wanted to rule over their country by taking to the ballot box and voting.

Our people have always decided for themselves and our national identity is bound up with Islamic culture and identity, he continued.

Stating that the people of Iran will pursue the path it began 40 years ago, Rouhani also went on to say that the second message that people sent in their Feb. 11 demonstrations was that the conspiracies of major world powers, especially the United States, cannot affect their path.

He continued, in the past one year, the enemies have been continuously trying to make people worried, anxious and discouraged. Of course, they have put pressures on our people and this is normal, Rouhani said.

The enemies have started an economic and psychological war and propaganda against our nation, he said, adding, this nation will stand firm in defending its dignity, independence and honour, and will never yield to the enemies.

If our nation yields to the United States, this means that we have to yield to them till the end, giving up our dignity, independence and honour, he continued.

Rouhani also said, we are always open to dialogue and logic if those who want to talk respect our country’s dignity, law and international regulations.

He added that our people are ready to support the country and revolution any time they need them. We are also responsible towards people and we are grateful of this opportunity to serve them.

This week, we will have a tripartite summit between Iran, Turkey and Russia for resolving regional issues, especially on Syria, and this indicates that our people, government and authorities contribute to regional security and stability along the attempts they make for their national rights, Rouhani said. 101/202


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