Jan 10, 2019 10:33 Asia/Tehran
  • Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Ghassemi 
    Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Ghassemi 

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman dismissed reports that an American citizen is imprisoned in Iran in suboptimal conditions.

Iran Press/Iran news: Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Ghassemi  on Wednesday has dismissed as "untrue” reports by certain US media that an American citizen is imprisoned in the Iranian city of Mashhad in suboptimal conditions.

In response to a question raised by reporters, Ghasemi confirmed that American citizen Michael White has been arrested in Mashhad, Mehr News Agency reported.

“An American citizen, named Michael White, was arrested recently in Mashhad and his arrest was immediately reported to the US government through the US Interests Section in Tehran,” he said.

Ghasemi underlined that the US was informed on the arrest of White from the early hours of his detention.

The spokesman then dismissed the false reports by certain US media on suboptimal conditions of White’s detention and said over the past few days, the media have sought to spread [anti-Iran] propaganda, escalate the psychological war against Iran and disseminate targeted lies about Iran through unfounded reports on the allegedly poor well-being of the American citizen and his alleged harassment in detention. 

“Such untrue and unfounded reports are categorically rejected,” he underlined.

The spokesman then underlined that the case of the American citizen is under investigation by the legal bodies and the Islamic Republic will release the results of the investigations in due time. 


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