Dec 05, 2018 10:35 Asia/Tehran

The 27th National Prayer Conference got underway in Semnan on Wednesday, with a message by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei.

Iran Press/Iran news: The Leader of the Islamic Republic Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei in his message to the National Prayer Conference said, "Prayers, if observed with modesty and presence of mind, will lead the society towards virtue and resistance."

According to Iran press, this year's conference is being held with 1600 participants and 400 officials in attendance at Amirkabir Hall of Semnan University for one day.

Prayers can lead society to elevation: Iran Leader

"A big part of problems is due to ignoring this admonitory fact; therefore, promoting prayers with all effective methods is among significant duties that everyone should do," the message by the Leader read.

He also urged the schools to hold prayers in order to help promote virtue in society. 

President Hassan Rouhani and his cabinet members were present at the ceremony held on Wednesday morning.

Rouhani praised the top figures and institutions by giving them plaques of appreciation, including famous footballer Alireza Beiranvand, Welfare Organisation and others active in the field of prayer, such as Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation and Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.

Addressing the participants during the ceremony, president Rouhani said: "Prayer is the source of glory and pride for humanity, and God has invited mankind to this religious duty."

Rouhani emphasized that all countries are known by the flag, and prayer is an important expressions of a religion, prayer is the principle of worship beside monotheism.

Speaking at 27th Nationwide Prayer Conference on Wednesday, President Hassan Rouhani said, “Prayer must start from within the families.”

“Prayer is not exclusive to Islam, but rather it exists in all divine religions,” said the President, adding, “It is an honour for us that God has allowed and invited us to pray and speak to Him.”

He continued, “There is nothing like prayer and relying on God’s mercy that can save a great nation against powers and superpowers.”

President Rouhani also said, “Virtues and values like honesty and serving people are all among human behaviour, but the symbol of religion in the world is hijab and prayer.”

“Today, the conspiracies of enemies and economic pressures, the United States and the Zionists are against the people of Iran, and we need to rely on God to resist these pressures,” he added. 101/ 202/211


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