Aug 10, 2018 09:07 Asia/Tehran

The closing Ceremony of the 85nd Persian Language and Literature Refresher Course held in Saadi Foundation.

 Iran press/ Iran- A number of Persian language scholars gathered on Thursday during a meeting at the Sadi Foundation, the Tehran-based organization that promotes the Persian language abroad, to end this course. 

103 teachers of Persian (Farsi) language, from 16 countries , namely Iran, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Uganda, Albania, Bangladesh, Turkey, Tunisia, Syria, Denmark, Serbia, Iraq, Kenya, Georgia, Lebanon and India attended this teacher training course.

Persian Language and Literature Refresher Course held annually at the foundation for a selected group of Persian literature aficionados from around the globe.

A review of the problems of teaching the Persian language in different countries and the educational needs of non-native Persian language learners are among the major topics that discussed at the meeting.

The 85th Persian Language and Literature Course, Summer course, specified for "Teacher Training" and around 100 people have participated in it", the head of the Saadi Foundation ,Gholam Ali Haddad-Adel said in an exclusive interview with Iranpress on 30 July. 

Also the 5th seminar of Persian language known as "Persian Sugar" was held with the participation of 107 professors and students from 13 different countries in the Organization of Islamic Culture and Communication.


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