Jun 14, 2018 14:35 Asia/Tehran

Law Enforcement Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran (NAJA) will dispatch a number of teams to assist with ensuring security and order at the FIFA World Cup 2018, and to exchange experiences with Russian security forces, according to NAJA Police chief on Thursday.

'In case of emergencies, Iranian nationals present in Moscow can contact the Russian Police,' said Brigadier-General Hadi Shirzad. 

The phone numbers he gave are as follow: 

• In Moscow city: +7(495)6229458 & +7(495)6229460

• In Moscow province: +7(498)50541170

• In Saint Petersburg: +7(812)6018573

• In Leningrad Province: +7(812)5799999

• In Kazan city: +7(843) 2274696General

Shirzaad added that Iranian nationals can contact Interpol on the following numbers: 

• 0079990116951• 0079990117857

He also advised Iranian nationals  in Moscow to always have two copies of their passports and visas,  keeping one of the copies with them at all times,  and the other, at their place of residence.