Oct 09, 2018 21:15 Asia/Tehran
  • Iranian handball player refuses to accompany his Hungarian team against Israel

Mohsen Babasafari, the Iranian legion of a Hungarian handball team refused to accompany his team against Maccabi Tel Aviv, in opposition to racist policies of the Zionist regime.

According to Iran Press, Mohsen Babasafari, goalkeeper of "CSA STEAUA" and Iranian handball national team said that I did not accompany my team to play in a match next Friday with "Maccabi Tel Aviv", Israeli handball team, inside occupied territories.

Babasafari said that despite the importance of this stage of the European clubs championship for my team and the elimination of the tournament in the event of failure, there is a possibility of heavy fines, termination of the contract and an uncertain future in the European clubs for me, but I stand by all the problems and respect the values of my country.

Certainly, no team wants a player who does not accompany his team, and this will make the situation harder for me in Europe, he added.