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  • Zarif addressing the issue of security
    Zarif addressing the issue of security

Iran’s Foreign Minister has reiterated that the security in the Persian Gulf cannot be divided, either everyone benefit from it or everyone will be deprived of it.

Iran Press/Iran news: Iran's Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif stated in an article for the Kuwaiti Ar-Ray newspaper, released on Thursday, that the Hormuz region is of strategic importance to international trade and the supply of energy to the world. About 15 million barrels of oil are delivered daily to consumers through this waterway, and at the same time, large volumes of goods are traded between regional countries and outside the region. Security and stability to ensure that countries in the region have access to international markets is an indispensable necessity. For centuries, security and stability have been provided by regional countries, and this cannot be achieved without cooperation and interaction.

Iran's Foreign Minister added: "Given the current critical conditions in the region, we must know, what the region needs for sustained security is the shared belief that security can not be achieved through the large purchases of armaments and military alliances with foreign powers — whom they through repeated interventions and supporting the Zionist regime- pose the greatest threat to the security of the region, but security depends on trusting and relying on people and national capabilities and strengthening good neighborly relations with other countries in the region." 

Security in the region is a common interest which would be provided only by regional cooperation 

Elsewhere in the article, Zarif went on to say, "Providing regional security is the primary responsibility of all countries in the region, and security must be free from foreign interference. The fate of the people and nations of the Persian Gulf region is intertwined based on religious, cultural, traditional, historical, geographical and family commonalities, and security is not separable, either everyone benefit from it or everyone will be deprived of it. Accordingly, the "Hormuz Peace Endeavour (HOPE)" was presented by President Rouhani in his address to the UN General Assembly" to achieve this goal.

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Zarif added,"The initiative, with the participation of eight affiliated countries, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Sultanate of Oman, the United Arab Emirates, the State of Kuwait, the state of Qatar, the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Islamic Republic of Iran, has the necessary and sufficient potential to realize comprehensive security in the region through dialogue. We hope to receive a positive reaction on this initiative from regional countries," 

Zarif also explained that the Iran-led peace initiative was based on the principles of good-neighborliness, respect for national sovereignty and territorial integrity, peaceful resolution of conflicts and UN founding principles, among other norms.

Speaking to Majid al-Ali, editor of the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai, and other Arab journalists, Zarif, in response to the question “What does Iran want from the Arabs?” said, “We are after advancing friendly relations with our Saudi Arabian friends.”

The Iranian Initiative is an inclusive plan to promote peace, stability, prosperity for all region's states and people

According to Zarif, promoting peace, stability, progress and prosperity for all governments and peoples of the region, fostering mutual understanding and peaceful and friendly relations, contributing to the eradication of terrorism, extremism and sectarian tensions, neutralizing tensions and resolving all disputes and conflicts in a peaceful manner and through dialogue, strengthening preventive communications and warnings, ensuring energy security, freedom of shipping and freely transportation of oil and other resources, protecting the environment and expanding cooperation, interaction, business, commerce and investment at different levels and areas among governments, people and the private sector are the most important objectives of the initiative.

He said that this Iranian initiative will also use the UN's capacity as an international cover to address potential concerns of some parties and to secure the legitimate interests of the international community.

"The success of any initiative obviously requires the involvement of all members and mutual trust. President Rouhani has commissioned me to begin consultations to hear the views of governments and elites in the region and to complete and enhance the "Hormuz Peace Endeavour (HOPE)". Elites think tanks and the private sector can help and enhance the initiative by providing constructive comments and suggestions. We look forward to the positive response of the countries in the region and we express our readiness to enter into a comprehensive and inclusive dialogue within the framework of the above-mentioned principles and objectives," Zarif concluded.205/219

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