Dec 25, 2018 11:32 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Sep 15, 2019 21:31 Asia/Tehran]

The deadly tsunami in Indonesia was triggered by a chunk of the Anak Krakatau volcano slipping into the ocean, officials and scientists have now confirmed.

Iran PressAsia: At least 429 people were killed and many buildings were heavily damaged when the tsunami struck, almost without warning, along the rim of the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatra islands late on Saturday.

Images captured by the European Space Agency’s Sentinel-1 satellite showed a large portion of the southern flank of the volcano had slid off into the ocean, according to The Guardian.

The fact that the tsunami was triggered by a volcano rather than an earthquake meant no tsunami warning was triggered, according to scientists. Coastal residents reported not seeing or feeling any warning signs before waves of up to three metres high surged in.

Search efforts for the 154 people still missing in the disaster zone of the deadly tsunami that has killed at least 429 people continued on Tuesday, with some officials admitting privately that the chance of finding more survivors alive was slim.

Rescuers have also been searching Sumur, an area at the very southern part of where the tsunami hit.

Officials confirmed there were 1,485 people injured by the tsunami as well as 882 houses and 73 hotels and villas damaged. More than 430 boats were also damaged.


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