Iranian Foreign Minister is expected to visit Islamabad on Thursday for consultations with the Pakistani officials.

Iran Press/Iran news: Mohammad Javad Zarif will meet government and army high ranking officials during his daylong stay in Islamabad.

"Zarif will discuss the latest regional developments during his meetings in Islamabad in addition to bilateral ties, especially border security," Iran Press   quoted Foreign Ministry as saying.

Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said on Tuesday that he would discuss the mounting tensions between Washington and Tehran with the foreign ministers of the two P5 member-states to get their input on the issue.

Iran and Pakistan are scheduled to form a joint quick reaction force to combat militant activity on their shared border.

On Apr 29, Pakistani PM Imran Khan highlighted Islamabad's resolve to prevent militant groups from carrying out terrorist attacks against other countries from Pakistani soil.

Pakistani province of Balochistan- which has border with Iran- has faced a number of security challenges in recent months, with security personnel in the province often being targeted by roadside improvised explosive device.  101/214

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